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Pick the color you need. That's all.

There are tools called "color pickers" to select colors from your screen.
Why can't the user interface design for these tools be beautiful?
All design tools need to stimulate creativity.
CP1 aims to be the most beautiful color picker in the world.

Design that captures the purity of function

CP1 is not equipped with an enormous color palette or functions to adjust brightness, color, and saturation. It picks up the colors from your screen, and it stimulates your creativity as a design tool. Its simplicity is the result of pursuing the value of user-centered tools.

Functional and beautiful UI

CP1 was designed for the WEB design. Color information can be obtained in the RGB format and each 8-bit hexadecimal color format(HTML color format). If it is difficult to extract by the mouse cursor, you can be sure to extract the required color by using the cross-hair cursor and return key. In addition, you can cancel the extraction process in the ESC key.

Option Menu

In the options menu, you can be manage about whether put a '#' at the prefix of hexadecimal color. And also you can export the color palette information to the JSON format.

Change Log

2014-11-13: Version 3.0 [Latest]
- Romeolight version released.